CH Spartan Buffy of LiberLumar V, BST

Date of birth: 25 December 2009 – 04 May 2018
HD: C1–C1
ED: 00
Height: 62.5 cm

She passed her Breed Assessment under German Judge Anton Spindler in October 2011. Future plans are for her to do her BH and APT test in 2014.

Rottweiler Specialist Show results:

Date Place Judge Class Title
24-10-2010 WPRC Mrs P. Bennet Puppy VN3
28-11-2010 CRC Mrs S. Carter Puppy VV
25-09-2011 CRC Mr T. Bezuidenhout Graduate V1, RCC Bitch,Best Gait
22-10-2011 WPRC GV Mr A. Spindler Graduate SG, BA
23-09-2012 CRC Mr. C. Pretorius Open V1, RCC Bitch,Best Gait
21-10-2012 WPRC Mrs. A. Bodenstein Open V1, BST
22-09-2013 CRC GV Uwe Petermann Open V4


Our A-litter was born on 20th May 2012. 9 Puppies were born – 6 Females and 3 Males. The sire to this litter was CH Chicco Earl Antonius: BH, ZTP, IPO1, Multi V-Graded (Import Spain).

Our B-litter was born on 5th June 2013. 13 Puppies were born – 4 Females and 9 Males. The sire to this litter was Orka von Vilstalderland.